Inspirational Speaking
Kurt is recognised as one of Australia’s leading keynote speakers and presenters. He has presented to small and large groups around Australia and internationally, sharing tales of his sporting and life accomplishments with strong themes of building resilience, the importance of a strong team and leading through example.
Kurt has presented virtual keynote addresses and hosted virtual conferences. He has also participated in Q&A virtual conversations as interviewee and interviewer.  

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Kurt is warm, engaging, funny and inspirational. Without a doubt, he is one of Australia’s most focussed and exceptional athletes – his list of achievements speaks for itself. Despite this, he is supremely modest and unassuming. From the moment he “rolled” up onto the stage we were captivated, inspired and amused. Kurt left us all in a better place and motivated to achieve. We could not have found a better speaker for our conference.
You could have heard a pin drop with an audience of 400. Moving story, great guy, would have him back again. Highly recommend him, very inspiring.
Fantastic, the response was appropriate and certainly helped cement our key conference message of Making it Possible. The way Kurt blended stories and experience made it simple for delegates to connect and contextualise the message to their own circumstance.

Amazing audience response. He received a standing ovation. Highlight of our conference


Kurt engaged the audience and had them on the edges of their seats with his stories of old and new.